Classroom Organization Inspiration

If you follow my blog or follow me on Instagram, you can probably tell that I am passionate about creating a bright, inviting, and organized space for my kindergarten students.  In this blog post, I will share ten teacher tips for classroom organization.

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Classroom Organization Basics

Classroom Organization is one of my favorite topics.  Over the years, I have invested in colorful containers, books bins, baskets, planners, and more to get and stay organized.  Here are some of my top picks…

1.  Neon Stackable Bins

I love these NEON STACKABLE BINS by Really Good Stuff.  These are an investment, but they are totally worth it!  I started by ordering one set, and I added to my collection over time.   I have had these bins for six years now.  Not only have they held up well, but they still look brand new.

I have some of these bins in the front of my classroom.  Here, they store a lot of my community supplies as well as some of my calendar and reading materials.
I purchased CLOSETMAID CUBES along my front wall as you can see here in the photo.  The neon bins fit perfectly on these shelves!

I also use these bins to organize center materials on the shelves along my windows.

Neon Storage

Each color stores materials for a center as follows:

Pink bins – fine motor center activities
Yellow bins – math centers
Green bins – reading & writing centers
Blue bins – art center materials
Purple – miscellaneous supplies

I highly recommend using a color-coded system for organization.  Not only do I know exactly where everything is located, but my students know as well.  This results in less teacher interruptions during my small group time as the other students are able to access materials independently.

2.   Neon Paper Baskets

In addition to the bins above, I  invested in the NEON STORAGE PAPER BASKETS by Really Good Stuff.   I use these baskets in two locations in my classroom.  The first area is a dedicated Writing Center where the baskets provide a variety of writing choices for students.   Along my windows, I have another set of these baskets that house different activities for independent Math Centers.

  These Writing Center baskets sit directly below my My Portable Word Wall, which the students use for completing some of the independent writing activities.


3.  Neon Baskets, Tubs, and Book Bins

The Neon Storage by Oriental Trading is another great and affordable option for organizing your space.  Here, I used a combination of the Neon Tall Storage Baskets, Picture Book Bins, and Classroom Book Bins.  This is actually a photo of my set-up for organizing all of my at-home materials for distance learning due to the COVID-19 school closures.  I used these shelves to keep my materials organized along with my two daughters’ materials for their online learning.  It worked perfectly!

4.  Rainbow Cart Organizer

Oriental Trading also has plenty of storage options including this Rainbow Storage Cart.  I use this cart to organize all of my fine motor materials for my Fine Motor Centers.  I love that it provides plenty of storage for all of my fine motor options.  The wheels allow me to easily move it out of the way.


5.  Storage Caddies

If you are searching for the perfect caddies, this Storage Center by Hand2Mind is perfect for organizing all the things!  I ordered one for each of my tables to store community supplies.  The kids quickly learned what materials were stored in each of the colored sections.  These are also great for your small group teacher table materials and for maker spaces.

6.  Seat Sacks

If you have tables like I do, The Original Seat Sack is perfect for organizing all of your students’ materials so that they have more room to work!  There are many versions of these online, but these ones by Seat Sack are so well-made.  I have had other ones in the past that have fallen apart by the end of the school year.  Seat Sacks can be pricey if you are purchasing for your entire classroom.  My PTA donated seat sacks to my kindergarten a few years ago.  This would also be an awesome Donors Choose project!

Seat Sack

7.  Lanterns and Pom Poms

This cost-effective decoration brightens the room AND serves a purpose for organization.  I have used both Lanterns by Oriental Trading and pom poms in my classroom as seen here in the photos.  I place the lantern color above the matching table color.  For example, the blue lantern goes above the blue table.  If I am sitting at my desk, I can easily see all four of my tables.  I can call on the “pink table” without having to look for the pink caddy.



8.  Headphone Organization

Headphone organization is something I struggled with for YEARS!  Headphones were always getting mixed up or lost.  Last year, I found the perfect solution – a CLOSETMAID SHOE ORGANIZER !  I found a set of numbers in the Target Dollar Spot and used clear contact to place them onto the divided sections.  So far, this system has been working out great!

9.  Pocket Chart

Do you still use pocket charts?  While Smart Boards, Mimeo Boards, and Promethean Boards are great for interactive learning, I still love using a pocket chart in my classroom.  This  Black and Gold Polka Dot Pocket Chart by Carson Dellosa is one of my favorites.  I use this often for word building.  I will say a word and give my students opportunities to come up and build that word using letter cards.

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10.  The Erin Condren Teacher Lesson Planner

I saved the best organization tip for last!  The Erin Condren Teacher Lesson Planner is the one thing I cannot teach without!  Once you invest in this ultimate planner, you’ll never go back.  Check out the new designs for the 2020-2021 school year.  I chose the Kaleidoscope pattern, and I love everything about it!


I hope this post has inspired you to get organized this school year.  If you are a new teacher, keep in mind that Rome wasn’t built in a day.  It took me 14 years of teaching to finally get my classroom organized the way I had always envisioned.  Make your wish list, add things over time, and you’ll be organized in no time!

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