You have your classroom theme picked out, but you may be thinking about decorating for the upcoming seasons.  In this post, I will show you how to do just that.  It is possible and fun to decorate for the seasons on a budget.  Here are five tips for adding seasonal classroom decor that coordinates with your favorite School Girl Style Collection!

This is a professional review blog post which contains affiliate links for the products listed and tested in my own classroom.  I am an independent blogger and the reviews are done based on my own opinions.

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Tip #1: Create neutral backdrops that coordinate with any Seasonal Classroom Decor

After I have decided on my classroom theme for the year, I like to create a few coordinating boards with neutral backgrounds.  My top picks include black, wood grain, and blue backgrounds.  You can use fabric or fade-less paper for your background.  Fabric is more of an investment, but it lasts for years!  Sticking with a neutral background will save you so much time from having to change your backdrop each time you switch your bulletin board.


Tip #2:  Frame Your Display with Your Favorite Borders

Once you have your paper or fabric hung, it’s time to add your favorite border combinations.  You simply cannot go wrong pairing any of School Girl Style’s borders.  Try layering two or three different borders to create the perfect frame.  Here are some combinations I have used in my classroom…





Valentine Borders

Remember to leave the board blank allowing room for student work.


Tip #3:  Use Student Creations for Seasonal Decor

So you might be thinking, “How are rainbow borders going to coordinate with a fall or winter craft?”  Allow me to show you.  If you have followed step one and two by combining a neutral background with your choice of borders, it can and will coordinate beautifully with ANY seasonal decor.

Rainbow Pom Pom Borders with a football display? Why not!




I believe that some of the best bulletin boards are student created.  For each holiday and season, I have my pint-sized Picassos create purposeful writing pieces or math activities paired with custom crafts to match!  Having students create the bulk of the seasonal decor gets everyone into the holiday spirit.  It also gives your students a sense of pride and accomplishment seeing their hard work on display.

You can read more about some of my student-created bulletin boards HERE!


Tip #4:  Add the Accents

You’ve got your backgrounds, borders, and student work in place.  Now it’s time to complete the look with accents and seasonal sets from Carson Dellosa Education.  You can choose from a variety of accents and cut-outs that add the perfect finishing touch to your student created displays.  Here, I used Mini Heart Cut-outs to complete this Valentine’s Day display!

Valentine's Day Sloth Craft and Writing

Below are some accents I used throughout the winter.  The Rainbow Confetti EZ Letters helped me to throw my bulletin board up in no time flat.  I used Winter Mix accents and the snowmen notepad for a Write the Room Center activity.  I wrote sight words on the snowflakes and hid them throughout the classroom.  My students traveled around the room with clipboards writing down the words they found.  The kids loved it, and the best part was that it took me less than ten minutes to prepare!
Carson Dellosa Winter Accents


Tip #5:  Invest in Multi-Purpose Seasonal Classroom Decor

My final tip is to invest in seasonal classroom decor that you can use for more than one display.  One of my all-time favorite products from Carson Dellosa is this Big Tree Bulletin Board Set from School Girl Style’s Woodland Whimsy Collection.  I used this bulletin board set above my classroom library and changed it up each season with different accents and EZ Letters from Carson Dellosa.  Take a look…

Above all, I hope that this post has inspired you to try adding some seasonal decor in your classroom this year.   If you’re not sure where to begin, Carson Dellosa Education is here to help you with all of your decor and so much more.  From classroom themes to seasonal scenes, they make decorating easy and affordable.  Head to Carson Dellosa to begin designing the classroom of your dreams!

Save 20% on your ENTIRE ORDER on Carson Dellosa Education’s Website with promo code CASEY20