Veterans Day Bulletin Board

If you are looking for Veterans Day activities, this one will not disappoint!  I used my We Love Our Veterans resource in my Kindergarten the past two years, and it’s one of my favorite November activities!

Veterans Day Activities

Before I introduce this writing and craft activity, we talk about what a Veteran is.  We read stories and watch educational videos to build background knowledge.  Once the kids have a better understanding, we discuss how we can thank a Veteran for his or her service.  Then, I tell the students they will be creating their own thank you cards with a boy or girl solider holding an American flag thank you note.

Prepping Your Activity

Prepping this Veterans Day activity is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

  1.  Print the boy and girl soldiers onto white card stock.
  2. Print the American Flags and writing templates onto white cardstock.
  3. Choose a paper color, and print your bulletin board lettering.

Putting Your Veterans Day Activities Together

The Flags

When the students come in, I have them work on coloring the flag first.  I model an example, place it under my document camera, and project it for them to see.  I have them use markers for the flag.

Veterans Day Writing

The Soldiers

While they are working on the flags, I pull kids over to my kidney table in 2 or 3 small groups (depending on how many kids you have) to work on the soldiers.

For the soldiers, have them color the face, hair, legs, and boots in crayon.  You can then have them do the camouflage two ways – use watercolors (the quickest option if you’re short on time), or use a combination of crayons and watercolors.  I did the second option.  If you look at the photo, you can see two shades of green.  To achieve this look, first have the kids color the small patches with green crayon.  Next, you go over it with green watercolors.  This creates a wash and makes the crayon color pop!  It looks so awesome in person and the kids love doing it!

Veterans Day Craft

The Thank a Veteran Writing

While the soldiers are drying, the students cut out their heart flag.  I give them the heart writing template that will go underneath.  They trace the lettering, sign their names, and cut this heart out as well.  Staple the two hearts together.  You can have the kids put the entire craft together the following day once everything is dried!

Veterans Day Writing Activity

The Bulletin Board

Finally, display your bulletin board “We Love Our Veterans” lettering.  I mounted the soldiers onto red and blue 16 x 20 inch construction paper.  Take a look at how our Veterans Day Bulletin Board turned out…

Veterans Day Soldier Craft

Overall, I hope this post inspires you to have fun celebrating and teaching about Veterans Day in your classroom!

Post Update September 2022:  Since this post was originally published, I wanted to share a few more pics of how I have used this display in my classroom and hallway.  Check out the photos below!  We created this display for our annual Veterans Day Breakfast.  Our guests of honor loved it!

Veterans Day Bulletin Board

Veterans Day Bulletin Board

Veterans Day Writing and Craft

The photo below was shared with me by @melodysteachingadventures.  She did a beautiful job!

Veterans Day Bulletin Board

Veterans Day Bulletin Board Resource Update!!!

As of November 2022, this resource just received a major update with some exciting new bonuses just for you! The bonus file includes craft templates for MORE branches of the military (all except for the Space Force coming in the next update) plus new colored bulletin board letters that read, “Thank You, Veterans!” Letters also come in black and white. Enjoy! See below for an idea of how this can be used.

Veterans Day Bulletin Board

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