Celebrate a Nation of Diverse Readers this March!

The NEA has revamped Read Across America on March 2nd to “celebrate a nation of diverse readers” using books, authors, and teaching resources that represent a variety of experiences and cultures.  This is a wonderful opportunity to teach our youngest learners about diversity and inclusion.  I wanted to create an activity for kindergarten and first grade that incorporated diversity, writing, and art all in one.  I’m excited to share with you my latest bulletin board bundle…

Teaching Diversity in Kindergarten

“We Are A Nation of Diverse Readers” Bulletin Board Bundle for Read Across America Week

After reading your choice of diverse literature, students will create a book report.  There are 8 templates for students to choose and color as shown in the photo above.  Templates come in black and white for students to color.   Simply print and go, and let your students do the rest!

The book report has students identify the title, author, illustrator, characters, and setting.  Lastly, they draw their favorite part from the story.


I stocked up on Crayola Colors of the Word multi-cultural crayons, which include a plethora of skin color options.

Multicultural crayons


Creating Your Read Across America Nation of Diverse Readers Display

After students have completed the book report and colored and cut the kid template, you’re ready to create your bulletin board or door display.  If you are short on time, you can use the printable posters included.   Two wording options are included in this resource that spell “READ ACROSS AMERICA,” “We are a nation of diverse readers,” or “We are diverse readers!”  

You can always combine both options if you wish as shown below…


Cut and hang your and display your students’ finished book reports around the wording.


There you have it – the perfect lesson for teaching diversity in kindergarten or first grade.  CLICK HERE to find this resource in my TPT Store!  If you use this in your classroom, I would love to see a pic.  Please tag me on Instagram @kindergartenkornerbycasey.

I hope that you found this post helpful.  I would love to hear how you incorporate diversity in your classroom!  Comment below…