As a kindergarten teacher and a mom, I’m always searching for the best websites for my students to use both in the classroom and at home.  I am so happy to have found Happy Numbers!  In this blog post, I will tell you everything you need to know about this amazing FREE math website and how using it has been a total game changer in my own classroom.

Free Math Website

~This is a sponsored post, but the opinions presented are all my own.

What is Happy Numbers?

Happy Numbers is an online math curriculum supplement for students in pre-k through fifth grade.  The website is designed to be used in small groups during math lessons to help teachers differentiate instruction.   Happy Numbers is a great teacher tool for both remote and in-person instruction.  

How Happy Numbers is Helping Teachers

Happy Numbers helps teachers in so many ways.  Here’s what I love about the website…

Built-In Differentiation

As a kindergarten teacher, one of the biggest challenges I face is supporting my wide range of learners and providing the right level of instruction for each student.  For example, I have students entering kindergarten without knowing their numbers or how to count while others are already able to add and subtract.  Differentiated math activities are a must for teachers, and that is what I love most about Happy Numbers.  The differentiation is built right in!   All students are assessed at the beginning of the program.  Happy Numbers then uses the data obtained from the initial assessments to create an individual learning pathway to meet each student’s needs.  This saves me valuable prep time and gives me peace of mind knowing my students are getting exactly what they need.  I love that the kids are not all working on the same skills but rather they start where they are.  

Show me the data!

It’s no secret that teachers love data!  As students progress through the curriculum, Happy Numbers provides teachers with actionable insights into student growth.  Detailed reports are provided for individual students and the class as a whole.  Teachers are able to easily measure understanding of math concepts, math fluency, and math flexibility.  Happy Numbers also gives teachers the ability to manipulate content and set individualized goals based on the data.

The Perfect Math Center

I have been using Happy Numbers as one of my rotating Math Centers/ Stations during Math Workshop.  The program is user-friendly, and even my young learners are able to use the website independently with ease.  This allows me to focus on small-group instruction with other students.


How Happy Numbers Helps Students

Happy Numbers has a unique approach of helping students by providing quality interactive content that is engaging, yet rigorous.  Here are some reasons how Happy Numbers is helping my emerging mathematicians:

  • The website provides instant feedback on students’ answers.
  • Learners move at their own pace.
  • Happy Numbers provides a diverse range of manipulatives and animation bringing math to live.
  • It’s accessible from any device in the classroom or at home.

Free Math Website


I hope that this post has inspired you to give Happy Numbers a try.  So, what are you waiting for?  Getting started is easy and free!  CLICK HERE to get set up on Happy Numbers with just a few clicks!


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