Black, White & Stylish Brights:  My 2021 Classroom Reveal

Step into my kindergarten classroom!  Schoolgirl Style Classroom Décor from Carson Dellosa Education has helped me create the classroom of my dreams again and again.  Melanie @schoolgirlstyle truly outdoes herself with each collection, and this one is no exception.  Without further ado, I am excited to introduce all that is Black, White, & Stylish Brights.

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Why I Chose The Black, White & Stylish Brights Collection

As a kindergarten teacher, I have always been partial to a colorful classroom.  I have done a lot of rainbow themed classrooms in the past, but I wanted to try something different.  From the moment I saw the Black, White & Stylish Brights collection, I fell in love with the unique color palette.  The collection incorporates vibrant pops of color paired perfectly with black and white pieces.  I also noticed that the colors in this collection coordinated beautifully with my hand-painted classroom furniture, which was a gift from my first kindergarten class.  I felt as if this collection was made for me, and I knew I wanted to make this my best classroom makeover yet!

Let the Classroom Makeover Begin!

A teacher sees a classroom like a painter sees a blank canvas.   I love a good classroom makeover!  There’s just something about making a space all your own.  Here are my teacher tips for transforming your classroom from start to finish…

Create Uniform Backgrounds

First, decide on cohesive backgrounds that coordinate well with the collection pieces.  For this theme, I went with black backgrounds with one black and white polka dot fabric board.  I recommend covering all of your boards with bulletin board paper or fabric before doing anything else.

Run for the Borders!

Border selection is always next on my list.  The borders in this collection are amazing.

The pencil and apples are two of my favorites.  They look beautiful when paired with any of the Schoolgirl Style black and white borders.  The scalloped borders are stunning as well.  You can never go wrong with a double or triple border!

I like to lay out my border combinations on the floor prior to hanging to get them exactly right.  Once you’ve decided on the perfect pairings, it’s time to add borders to your backgrounds.

Take a look at how these boards turned out…Classroom Makeover

Build Your Boards

Now that your backgrounds and borders are in place, it’s time to build those bulletin boards.  I usually begin at the front of the room and work my way around the classroom. First on the list was my long bulletin board above the whiteboard.

In the past, I have always displayed my alphabet in this location.  The “Welcome” Bulletin Board Set from the Black, White & Stylish Brights set gave me an idea to change things up a bit.  I used a blank notepad to add the word “to”.  The Large Apple Cutouts included 12 colorful apples – just enough to spell the word “kindergarten.”  To do this, you can use a Cricut.  However, if you don’t have a Cricut like me, all you need are full sheet clear shipping labels.  Simply print out extra large letters, peel and stick!  Here’s how the bulletin board header above my whiteboard turned out…

Calendar & Birthday Board

Next up was the calendar and birthday board – an essential for every primary teacher.  The Black, White & Stylish Brights collection contains all of the purposeful pieces you need to put these boards together in minutes.  I love the coordinating accents that come with both sets.  I hung the pencils with the names of the months along the bottom of the board, and I simply switch those out monthly.  For the birthday board, I used mini-clothespins to write each students’ name and birthday.

Math Center & Writing Center

From there, I moved on to creating a dedicated Math Center and Writing Center for my students.  I used similar border combinations on these boards – Pencil Straight Borders on the inside, Turquoise and Hot Pink Scalloped Borders in the Middle, and the Simply Stylish Black and White Wavy Line Scalloped Borders on the outside.

For the Math Center, I used extra blank notepads from the Classroom Jobs set.  I added text with clear shipping labels to spell out “Math Center.”  The Math Strategies Poster Set from Carson Dellosa Education was perfect for this bulletin board.  The posters are aligned with the strategies I teach my kindergarten students.

I used the Writing Mini-Bulletin Board Set shown here to create a Writing Center for my students.   The “writing” notepad letters and the five large pencils are included in this set.  Along the bottom of the board, I used the large blank notepads from the Pencils and Papers Cutouts Set .   Using full sheet clear shipping labels, I customized the notepads by adding my own text.

I love how these boards look side by side!

Add Coordinating Pieces

After you’ve created your essential boards, it’s time to add coordinating pieces throughout your space.  The Black, White & Stylish Brights collection provides a plethora of options to tie everything together.  From bulletin board sets and posters to accents and cutouts, the BWSB collection has got you covered!

Finish With the Final Touches

For the finishing touches, I organized my desk with Simply Stylish Desk Cups, the BWSB Planner, and notepad.

I created locker tags for the kids using the Apple Accents and clear labels.

Lastly, I used the Colorful Lanterns Dimensional Accents to brighten up the entire space.


Black, White & Stylish Brights Classroom Reveal

Take a look at how it all came together…


The Black, White & Stylish Brights collection is every teacher’s dream.  Thank you Schoolgirl Style and Carson Dellosa Education for creating yet another collection that is pure perfection!

Black, White, & Stylish Brights Classroom Tour!

Step inside my classroom, and see this beautiful collection in action!  You can watch my tour on  IGTV HERE or on my NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL!


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