days of school sign

The Days of School Poster

Lately, the number one question I get about my classroom makeovers is, “Where is the Days of School poster from?”  So I thought I would dedicate a post about how this printable poster that I created has added so much meaningful math to my calendar time.


days of school poster

Setting Up Your Poster

Setting up your poster is simple.  Simply print the poster and three sets of numbers.  Place the numbers onto binder rings.  Last, add 3M clear hooks to the poster and hang the numbers.  That’s it!

The Perfect Way to Teach Place Value

Use the poster daily.  I have also purchased tens and ones rods, which I hang below.  This helps the kids understand the concept of tens and ones.  We also create number sentences in expanded form.  For example, if we are on Day 46, we will write 40 + 6 = 46.  I will show them 4 tens rods and the 6 ones to help build understanding.  I’m always amazed to see how quickly the kids catch on to this!

Days of School Tracker

Watch my IG Reel HERE on how to put your poster together, and shop my TPT Store for the Days of School Place Value Poster!


Using Place Value Blocks with the Poster

Place Value Chart

I ordered this set of Magnetic Place Value Manipulatives from Amazon (affiliate link) to make our calendar time even more meaningful.  Each day, we add a yellow ones block for a day.  When we reach ten, I model how to trade ten yellow ones cubes for a green ten rod.

Teaching Place Value in Kindergarten

On the 100th Day of School, my students were so excited to make a double trade.  We traded ten ones for another green.  Then, we traded 10 green rods for our blue hundreds cube.  This small part of our day has immensely helped my students learn to decompose numbers in a fun and engaging way.


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