Gifts for 5 and 6 year-olds

Are you looking for holiday gift ideas for the kindergartener in your life?  You’ve come to the right place!  Recently, I had a parent ask me about gift ideas for their child that incorporated learning and play.  I gave her a long list of ideas, which included many things we use in the classroom that my students love.  I thought I would share this list with YOU!  This Kindergarten teacher-created list includes toys and activities that focus on fine motor development, art, literacy, and math all while making learning fun and engaging.  Without further adieu, here are my top 20 best gifts for 5 and 6 year-olds…

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20 Best Gifts for 5 and 6 Year-Olds

1.   Magnetic Tiles

First on the list is a student favorite!  Not only are magnetic building tiles great for fine motor skills, they also challenge children to compose 3D shapes that they study in math.  My own son loves these as well.  I have tried both Magna Tiles as well as Picasso Tiles, and both are great.  They are perfect for travel as they are mess-free and easy to pack!

2.   Squigz

Have you heard of Squigz?  They are suction construction toys that are great for imaginative play and fine motor skills.  Squigz stick to most surfaces.  They are also so much fun in the bath!

3.  Marble Run

My students love this Marble Run so much that I had to order one for my son.  He can’t get enough of it.  This activity is great for STEM, fine motor, and screen-free fun!

4.  LEGO Classic Set

I highly recommend this LEGO Classic Set for my little learners.  LEGOS promote fun, creativity, AND they also help students form a proper pencil grip!  Kids have to pinch the LEGOS with the same fingers they would use to hold a pencil.  So if you have a child struggling with pencil grip, bring on the LEGOS!

5.  Lincoln Logs

An oldie but a goodie –  Lincoln Logs are so much fun for the kids.  They incorporate geometry, physics, STEM, and fine motor play.

6.  Building Flakes

Building Flakes are another fine motor favorite of mine.  I’m always amazed to see what my students construct with these awesome manipulatives.

7.  Building Construction Straws

Where were these when I was a kid?!  Building Straws are perfect for fine motor, STEM, geometry, and imaginative play.  I love the compact storage tub they come in, which make these another item that travels well!

8.  Model Magic

Mess-free clay play – yes, please!  Model Magic is soft, squishy modeling material.  It’s a great fidget for students with sensory processing needs.  There is literally no crumbling and flaking.  We used to take this to restaurants when my girls were younger.  Kids love it, and the possibilities are endless!

9.  Magnetic Letter Board

This double-sided Magnetic Letter Board is perfect for emerging writers in kindergarten.  Letter formation can be challenging for many little learners.  This board makes it enjoyable and engaging!

10. Operation

This classic game provides the best fine motor fun!  Operation challenges early learners to use tweezers to grip small objects.  It’s also great for turn-taking and following directions.

11.  Sorry

Board games work on important skills such as taking turns, counting and moving an object, addition, and subtraction.  They also teach kids how to lose graciously.  Sorry works on all of these skills, and it’s the perfect activity for Family Game Night!

12.  Connect 4

Connect 4 provides hands-on fun and teaches kids to play strategically.

13.  Paint Sticks

I recommend paint sticks for teachers and moms everywhere!  Paint Sticks provide the painting experience without the mess and clean-up.

14.  Arts and Crafts Library Set

Kindergarteners can’t get enough art, so this 1400 piece Arts and Crafts Set is perfect for any 5 or 6 year-old.  It has a little bit of everything!

15.  Lite Bright

Lite Bright is another hands-on fine motor tool that provides hours of endless fun for little ones.

16.  Shaping Foam

Shaping Foam is a wonderful sensory tool for young learners.  This set comes with mats for students to form the foam into numbers.

17.  Play-Doh Set

Kindergarteners love Play-Doh!  I recommend stocking up on Play-Doh Tools and packs of Play-Doh to get started.  There are also great sets available on Amazon.

18.  Clixo Rainbow 42 Piece Pack

Clixo  is a multi-sensory magnetic building toy.  Kids use fine motor skills to click, snap, stack, and flex the versatile pieces to create almost anything!  I just ordered these as a Christmas present for my son who will be in kindergarten next year.

19.  Fort Construction Kit

The five or six year-old in your life will love this Fort Construction Kit!  This STEM activity is fun for the whole family!

20.  Kids Yoga Mat

Last on the list of screen-free best gifts for 5 and 6 year-olds is a Kids Yoga Mat.  This one comes in a variety of colors and patterns.  Teaching children mindfulness at a young age is so important, and kids’ yoga has endless benefits.


Overall, I hope that this list has provided some inspiration when shopping for the best gifts for 5 and 6 year-olds.


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