Holiday Bulletin Boards

I may not be a fan of winter, but I do love cold weather craftivities.  In this post, I’ll share 4 of my favorite winter bulletin boards for kindergarten or first grade.  These resources are sold separately in my TPT Store or as part of a Winter MEGA Bundle.

1. Snowmen at Night

First, I’m sharing one of my followers’ favorites – my Snowmen at Night Resource.  Writing, art, and fine motor practice are rolled into one fun and engaging activity!  After listening to a read-aloud of the story Snowmen at Night, students use the differentiated snowmen hat writing templates to write about what they think snowmen at night might do.

You can read more about this activity HERE.

2.  Gingerbread Men Make a Ten

Second on the list is my Gingerbread Math and Writing Resource.  One week in December is Gingerbread Week in Kindergarten!  We read a plethora of gingerbread stories including different versions of the Gingerbread Man.  This math craft completes the week.  Students create different combinations to make a ten by coloring the gumdrops and creating a number sentence.  There is also a writing version included in this resource for How to Make a Gingerbread Man.

3.  Snow Globe Writing and Craft

Next up is my “If I lived in a Snow Globe” writing and craft.   I love how creative my students get with this project.  They act out what they would do if they were trapped in a snow globe as I photograph them in action.  Teacher tips are included for how to put the snow globes together.  This activity will not disappoint!

4.  Marshmallow Math

Marshmallow Math

Last on the list of my top 4 winter bulletin boards is my Marshmallow Math Bulletin Board.  This one just might be my students’ favorite.  I buy a bag of mixed colored mini marshmallows.  Students choose two colors and glue an amount in the cocoa top.  They complete the writing portion and write a number sentence.

Winter Bulletin Boards with a Purpose

Most importantly, all four of the above activities integrate learning and art.  For instance, each resource combines either a math or writing activity paired with a custom craft to match.

Overall, I hope this post has provided some cold weather ideas for creating a purposeful display in your kindergarten or first grade classroom!  Click to shop my Winter MEGA Bundle!

Have you tried one of my top 4 winter bulletin boards?  I would love to hear from you in the comments.

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