Valentine's Day Bulletin Board

February Family Homework has just been posted, and you are going to LOVE this owl-themed Valentine’s Day resource.  This product is packed with everything you need for a family homework project, bulletin board, AND a class book!

What is Family Homework?

If you’re new to the blog or just started following me, allow me to share one of my biggest teacher secrets with you.  Family Homework is a total game-changer.  Here’s why – Your students and their grownups do the work at home.  When they bring it back, you’ve got an instant bulletin board for the month.  No mess.  No stress!  You can read more about Family Homework HERE.

February Family Homework

I have been busy adding the remaining months to my Growing Family Homework Bundle, and I am super excited to share the brand new February resource with you.

Here is what you get in this resource:

February Family Homework

  • February Family Homework Parent Letter (2 options) – A rhyming poem explains the directions to grownups.
  • 4 colored owl templates (Use for examples or for bulletin board décor)
  • 2 black and white owl templates to send home – Choose just one or use both!
  • 4 writing template choices (2 color, 2 black and white)
  • Bulletin Board Letters that read “WHOOO DO YOU LOVE?
    • 2 Colored Versions
    • Black and White Version
    • Easy Cut Version
  • Class Book Cover
    • When you take the bulletin board down, place the pages into sheet protectors and into a binder. The cover goes in the clear binder window.
  • PLUS Bonus bulletin board accents and Teacher Tips

Prepping Your February Family Homework

Prepping Your Family Homework is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

  1.  Print onto cardstock, staple into a packet, and send home the parent letter, black and white owl template, and writing template.
  2.  Choose your bulletin board letters.  Choose from color, black and white, easy cut, or mix and match as seen in the photo below.Valentine's Day Bulletin Board
  3.  When students return the owl and writing, allow them to share. Hang the finished projects with the owl’s arm holding the writing.

Owl Valentine's Day activities

Turn Your Bulletin Board into a Class Book!

After you take down the board, place the pages into sheet protectors and into a binder.  Use the included class book cover by sliding it into the clear binder window.  Add this class book to your classroom library for your students to read again and again!

I hope that this post has given you some inspiration to give family homework a try!  You can find this resource sold individually  or as part of the Family Homework Growing Bundle.

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