End of the Year Memory Flip Books

Summer is weeks away!  My son told me this morning he is down to 27 days.  You might be counting down the days with your students, too.  These final weeks of the year can be challenging and keeping students engaged in learning may seem nearly impossible.  Who can blame them?  When the sun is shining, I have a hard time concentrating on school as well!  I have found that the best way to keep the kids on track is to pack our final days with hands-on craftivities.  In this post, I’m sharing one of my favorite writing activities – End of the Year Memory Books.  Learn more about how to create this wonderful keepsake in your kindergarten or first grade classroom…

How to Create End of the Year Memory Books

How to Create Memory Flip Books

Once you purchase and download the file, you’ll choose which cover options you want to use.  I used the “___ is flipping over Kindergarten” option, but there are tons to choose from that suit any grade level.  Then, simply follow the steps below.

Print and Trim the Pages

I prefer to print each page onto a different color of Astrobrights.  I print stacks of each page and use a paper cutter to trim off the bottom.  Lines are on each page so that you know exactly where to cut.

Memory Flip Books for Kindergarten

Staple Into Books

I set up the pages in an assembly line.  Take one page from each stack, straighten the pages so the tops are aligned and double-staple the books at the top.

Kindergarten Memory Flip Books

Students Color and Write

Memory Flip Books for Kindergarten

Students color the boy or girl craft to look like themselves.  I recommend having Crayola Colors of the World Crayons or Markers on hand to match all the different skin tones.

End of the Year Writing

For the writing portion, students complete pages about themselves, their teacher, their friends, their school, and their favorite day.  Depending on your group’s writing ability, you can stretch this activity over a week and complete a page a day or do it in one or two days.  Do whatever works best for you and your kids.

At the time of the year, most of my students are writing independently.  I work with any students who need additional assistance at my teacher table in the back of my room.

Display Your Bulletin Board

End of the Year Bulletin Board

If you wish, you can display the finished products for a final end of the year bulletin board.  I mount the books and craft onto a sheet of 12×18 construction paper.  Since we have a spring Open House at my school, I hang these in the hallway.  If you don’t have the energy for another bulletin board, simply send home the project!

These End of the Year Memory Books are a great activity for the final weeks, and they make a wonderful keepsake.  If you try these in your classroom, I would love to hear about how it worked out or see pictures of your memory books in action.  Please tag me on Instagram @kindergartenkornerbycasey.

I wish you the best of lucks in your last full month of school.  Have a wonderful and relaxing summer.  You have earned it!

More End of the Year Ideas

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