Kindergarten Readiness Learning Binder: How to Get Ready for Kindergarten



As a kindergarten teacher, one of the questions I am asked most often is, “How do I get my child ready for kindergarten?” I created this Kindergarten Readiness Learning Binder to support incoming and current kindergarten students and their parents / caregivers, who are their first and most important teachers. My goal was to not only create a resource to prepare children but also to support them throughout the entire kindergarten year. I also wanted to include differentiated options because all children do not enter kindergarten at the same level.

You can print the pages and staple or bind into a book OR use the pages as a binder for repeated practice.

This 130 page resource includes the following:

•Binder Cover Choices

•9 Sections:

  • On the Way to K: 5 Things to Know Before Kindergarten
  • Name Unit
  • Fine Motor Activities
  • Letters & Sounds Activities
  • Sentence Writing Activities
  • Word Building Activities
  • Number Recognition
  • Number Writing Activities
  • Math & Number Sense Activities
  • Flash Cards & Supplemental Materials

•130 binder pages plus binder spine labels

•Sight Word Flash Cards

•Place Value Blocks (one hundreds flat, 10 rods, and ten ones to be used with the Place Value binder pages)

•Pattern Blocks

•Money (to be used with the Piggy Bank binder page)

•Numbers 1 to 20 Flash Cards

•Word Building Small Letter Cards (to be used with the Word Building Mats binder pages)

•Uppercase Letter Flash Cards

•Lowercase Letters Flash Cards

•Parent tips for how to guide your child through each section

Setting up your binder is simple! Simply print the pages onto card stock or colored paper, insert the pages into sheet protectors, and place the flash cards in the inside pocket. By having the pages in sheet protectors, they become a “write and wipe” activity. Your little learner may use the pages with a dry-erase marker again and again throughout the school year for independent practice. This is especially helpful for those activities that require repetition in order to master such as name writing, letter formation, and number formation.

Keep in mind that this binder was designed with activities to not only prepare your child for kindergarten but also to support him/her throughout the entire kindergarten year. Some things may be too challenging right now, and that is okay. This kindergarten curriculum resource will grow with your child!


It is my hope that parents and homeschooling families find this to be a valuable resource. Parent tips are included to help you guide your child along the way.

~ Casey

Customize your binder layout to meet your child’s individual needs! Options are included for students at all skill levels. Begin with the basics: name writing, fine motor, letter and number recognition, and letter and number formation. As your child is ready, begin to introduce the higher-level activities such as word building, sentence writing, and some of the more challenging math activities.


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