Kindergarten Assessments Binder Bundle – Math, ELA, Writing Assessments for the Year

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Create your own Kindergarten Assessment Binder with this amazing resource filled with Math, ELA, and Writing assessments and binder organization pages. Use throughout the ENTIRE SCHOOL YEAR! This is A MUST HAVE Teacher Tool for baseline beginning of the year assessments, report cards, and end of the year assessments. I love having all of my assessments in one organized place, and you will too!

This file includes updates to my original binder bundle with new fonts, cover choices, assessments that can be used in-person, and now 27 assessments that can now be used to test your students virtually! The zip file also contains the original binder bundle if you prefer the style of the original assessments.

Those assessments that require one-on-one teacher/student testing now come with 3 versions: a student copy (for the student to view while being assessed in person), a virtual color-coded assessment for online testing (for teacher to share the screen), and a teacher recording sheet to send home.


Some Math assessments have virtual options, and ALL ELA assessments include virtual versions! Writing assessments and some math assessments do not come in virtual versions as they must be completed using the paper and a pencil. However, they may be sent home for remote learning to complete independently when assigned.


Please keep in mind this file should never be shared. Please read my full TOU in the product download.


Please note that the resource in not editable due to copyright reasons.


Here is what’s included in this resource:

***Denotes assessments that include a virtual option, in-person student copy, and teacher recording sheet.



•Number Recognition 1-20***

•Number Recognition 1-30***

•One-to-One Correspondence

•Number Writing 1 – 10

•Number Writing 1 – 20


•Geometry Shapes Assessment ***

•Geometry Solids Assessment***

•Addition Assessment


•Greater Than/ Less Than

•Counting (up to 10)

•Counting (teen numbers)


•Ten Frames (up to 10)

•Ten Frames (teen numbers)


•Counting Tens and Ones Blocks



•Uppercase Letter Recognition ***

•Lowercase Letter Recognition ***

•Letter/Sound Correspondence ***

•Phonemic Awareness ***does not require student copy – listening skills only

•HMH Kindergarten Journeys High Frequency Words 1 – 20 ***

•HMH Kindergarten Journeys High Frequency Words 21-40 ***

•HMH Kindergarten Journeys High Frequency Words (End of Year Words 1 – 40) ***

•Dolch Pre-Primer Lists *** (3 assessments)

•Dolch Primer Lists *** (3 assessments)

•Short /a/ decodable words ***

•Short /e/ decodable words ***

•Short /i/ decodable words ***

•Short /o/ decodable words ***

•Short /u/ decodable words ***

•CVC Decoding Assessment (short a, e, i, o, and u) ***

•CCVC Decoding Assessment ***

•CVCC Decoding Assessment ***

•Decoding Digraphs ***

•Decoding Words with “ea” and “ea” ***



•I Can Write a Sentence. (one line)

•I Can Write Sentences. (3 assessment choices: 2, 3, & 4 lines)

~Use both of the above to administer writing prompts every nine weeks to track progress.

•2 Differentiated formats of Opinion Writing

•Our Field Trip Sequence Writing

•Narrative Writing

•How to Sequence (first, next, then, last) Writing

•Beginning/ Middle End Writing

•Descriptive Writing

•Dogs/ Cats Compare and Contrast Writing

•Book Report Writing (a great enrichment activity)

BONUS Extra lined writing paper in two sizes to attach to any of the above writing assessments for students who can write beyond one page.

Includes over 125 pages of assessments!


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