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  • Summer Side-hustles for teachers

    5 Summer Side-hustles for Teachers

    Welcome to another episode of  Teacher-preneur Talk.  This one is dedicated to summer side-hustles for teachers.  Many of my teacher friends look for ways to earn a little extra money part-time in the summer months without having to teacher summer school.  Over the years, I have had success supplementing my teacher income by creating and […]

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  • 3 Reasons You Need a Blog for Your Business

    Do I really need a blog?  This is a question I hear A LOT from fellow TPT sellers who may just be starting out in their entrepreneurial journey.  The answer is simple – yes!  That is, if you are serious about taking your business to the next level, then you absolutely do.  In this episode […]

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  • Ways to Make Money Online

    10 Ways to Make Money Online for Teachers

    If you’re a teacher, you might be looking into ways to make money online to supplement or possibly replace your teacher income.  In this post, I’m sharing 10 ways that I earn money online from turning my teacher side-hustle into multiple revenue streams. Before you scroll further, I want to note that these are not […]

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  • How to Get Started Selling on TPT

    How to Get Started Selling on TPT

    One of the questions I’m asked most often about my online teacher business is, “How did you get started selling on TPT?”  I wanted to dedicate this post to aspiring teacher-preneurs who are looking to earn additional income or even match or replace their teaching earnings.  In this post, I’ll share my own personal journey […]

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