If you’re a teacher, you might be looking into ways to make money online to supplement or possibly replace your teacher income.  In this post, I’m sharing 10 ways that I earn money online from turning my teacher side-hustle into multiple revenue streams.

passive income for teachers

Before you scroll further, I want to note that these are not get-rich-quick methods.  You have to commit to putting in the work – especially in the beginning.  If you stick with it, your hard work will pay off and eventually bring in passive income.

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1. TPT

Formerly known as Teachers Pay Teachers, TPT is how I began my entrepreneurial journey earning money online.  TPT is an online marketplace where educators buy and sell resources created by teachers.   When you join as a premium seller, you earn 80 percent of your total sales. 

TPT has literally changed my life!  I had always created my own resources for my classroom, so I decided to start selling them.  When I finally decided to treat this side-hustle as a business, it made all the difference.  You can read more about How I Started Selling on TPT Here.

How to Get Started Selling on TPT

TPT was just the beginning for Kindergarten Korner.  As my brand and social media presence grew, I was able to add additional revenue streams discussed below.  Remember good things take time!

2. Etsy

Etsy is another marketplace where you can sell your digital resources or physical products.  I just started selling on Etsy this year.  The fees are higher than TPT.  However, Etsy has a higher traffic volume.  I like that the website runs ads and promotes your products for you.  There are fees associated with this, but it’s one less thing to do on your end.

File:Etsy logo.svg - Wikimedia Commons

One thing I didn’t expect was that my Etsy resources are being purchased by customers who aren’t teachers!  For example, my Ugly Sweater resource was purchased by a nurse doing a bulletin board for the hospital she works in.  I love that Etsy brings in a whole new audience for my products!

3. E-Commerce

In addition to selling on TPT and Etsy, one of my goals last year was to sell my resources on my own Shop Site.  I have read many blog posts with this same message – “Don’t build your empire on rented space.”

Selling products on your website

I love TPT and Etsy, and you can and should keep your products on those sites – I still do.  Yet the bottom line is that I don’t own those websites.  Algorithms change often, and websites or social media platforms could shut down tomorrow.   

When you’re ready, it’s a good idea to host your products on your own website so that your business is sustainable.   Woo Commerce and Shopify are two popular platforms for e-commerce.

4. Writing:  Blogging and Copyrighting

A lot of new TPT or Etsy sellers have asked me, “Do you need a blog?”  My answer is absolutely!  Blogging has opened up so many new doors for me.  First, it has helped drive traffic to the products on TPT, Etsy, and my Shop Site resulting in more sales.  Blogging has also created new revenue streams for my business including sponsored blog posts, collaborations, ads, and affiliate links, which I will get into next!  So if you’re on the fence about whether or not to start blogging, I highly suggest taking the plunge.  Teacher Side Hustles


If you aren’t interested in starting your own blog, then copywriting might be for you.  Copywriting is another great way to earn money by putting your writing skills to good use.  CLICK HERE to learn more about Paid Online Copywriting Jobs that are perfect for teachers!

5. Amazon

Another way to earn money online is through Amazon.  I earn commission on Amazon 4 different ways:

Amazon Affiliate

You can apply to join the Amazon Affiliate program.  This does not require a following.  If you’re accepted into the program, you can share product links on your blog or social media.

Amazon Influencer

If you have a social media following, you can apply for the Amazon Influencer program.  You’ll create an Amazon Storefront where you can share shoppable photos.  Creating product lists is another feature on your storefront.

Amazon Influencer Program

Found It on Amazon Commission

As an Amazon Influencer, you’ll also receive additional commission when purchases are made from your shoppable photos.

KDP Royalties

The fourth way I earn commission on Amazon is through my KDP royalties from two children’s books I wrote and published on Amazon.

We Put the Kind in KINDergarten

6. Affiliate Marketing

Similar to Amazon, affiliate marketing is yet another channel for earning money online that I wish I knew about sooner.  Many brands use affiliate marketing companies to promote their products.  Some of the sites I belong to include Partnerize, Impact, CJ Affiliates, Reward Style / Like to Know It, Share-a-Sale and Aspire.  Once accepted into these programs, you can apply to campaigns.  Companies may also reach out to you to collaborate!

LTK Casey S

If you think affiliate marketing might be something you’d like to explore, I highly recommend The Super Affiliate Handbook.  It’s affordable and packed with all the information you need to get started earning passive income.

7. Google Adsense or Mediavine

As a blogger, you can earn money each month through Google Adsense, Mediavine, or other ad sites by allowing them to place ads on your website.   You need to apply to these programs.  

Google Adsense

Qualifying for Mediavine requires 50,000 monthly sessions.  You also have to be in good standing with Google Ads and produce long-form, engaging content.

Applying to Mediavine


8.  Monetizing on Social Media

Once you have an offer or product line, you’ll want to work on growing an audience on social media.  Eventually, you may be able to monetize your social media content.  For example, Pinterest had a Creator Rewards Program that paid content creators for creating pins that gained traffic.  Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook pay creators as well.  You can earn Reels bonuses and more for producing engaging content.

Monetizing Your Blog

There are so many ways to earn money on social media without having a large following or without showing your face if  you don’t want to!  CLICK HERE to learn more about ways to monetize on social media.

9. Brand Deals, Collaborations, and Partnerships

Social media presence can lead to brand deals, collaborations, and partnerships with companies.  I have had amazing opportunities to represent educational and lifestyle companies that I have purchased from for years.

How to Get Sponsored Posts

10. UGC

If you’re not familiar with UGC, it stands for User Generated Content.  This is content you create but do not post on your own channels.  For a negotiated fee, the brand has the rights to post and share your content on their website and socials.  UGC is perfect for talented content creators who may not have a large following.

UGC Creator

There you have it – 10 ways to make money online for teachers or any aspiring entrepreneurs.  My best advice is to start where you are.  Choose one of the ways mentioned above.  Once you see success and grow your following, you too can add additional revenue streams along the way!

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