It’s almost Presidents’ Day.  Hopefully, you will be off school for the holiday and celebrating in your pajamas!  We typically have in-service this day, so I use the remaining four days of the week to teach about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  We begin with Washington for the first two days and finish up with Lincoln.  In this post, I will share three Presidents’ Day activities for Kindergarten.

Presidents’ Day Activities for Kindergarten

This is a great opportunity to introduce the concept of doing research.  We discuss different sources for fact finding such as checking out library books, searching the internet, and watching educational videos.  Of course, we could always save time and “just ask Siri” as one of my kids said last year!

I love these National Geographic George Washington  and Abe Lincoln books from Amazon. 
I read these aloud.  Then, as a group, we compile a list of interesting facts about each President.  If you teach 1st or 2nd, you could pair students together and have them create a list independently.  

George Washington and Abraham Lincoln Craftivities

Next, I use the writing templates from this George and Abe Bulletin Board Bundle.  Students try to write at least one sentence about the President. 
Abe Lincoln Craft and Writing
 Some can write a little more.  Again, there are more advanced templates included for more established writers. 
Presidents' Day Bulletin Board
Once writing is complete, we begin the craft and put it all together.  Teacher Tips for assembly are included.  
The BONUS Flag craft is simple enough that I put it out as a center for the week.  I let the kids fill the red and blue sections with pinched tissue paper squares.  

If I Were President Writing and Bulletin Board

If I were president writing

Another idea for Presidents’ Day is to have your students respond to the writing prompt, “If I were president…”  This resource includes differentiated writing prompts for writers in kindergarten, first grade, and second grade.  Bulletin board letters, accents, and borders are also included to create a presidential February bulletin board!  You can find this resource in my TPT, Etsy, or in my Kindergarten Korner Shop Site.  

Presidents' Day Bulletin Board

There you have it – 3 Presidents’ Day activities for kindergarten.  If you try one of these in your classroom, I would love to hear from you!


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