10 NO PREP Winter Resources for After the Break


Read more about some no or low-prep writing and math winter resources to use in your kindergarten or first grade classroom this January…


It’s almost 2020.  I’m sure the last thing you want to do right now are post-break lesson plans!    I designed these NO PREP PRINTABLES with YOU in mind!  As a teacher-mom, I know how hard it is to leave your own kids at home and go back to work after the holidays.  I hope that the ease of these print and go winter resources helps you make a smooth transition back to school.


You can access all of these winter resources by clicking HERE to visit the January Category in my TPT Store!



1.  Ring in the New Year with 2020 New Year’s Resolution Writing Templates!

This is a fun lesson makes for an awesome January Bulletin Board!

Winter Resources for After the Break New Year's Writing 2020
Winter Resources for After the Break New Year's 2020 Resolution Writing
 I read the story Squirrel’s New Year’s Resolution.  We discuss what the word resolution means, and together we compose a list of resolutions or goals.  Students choose one idea to write about on their 2020 writing template.  Boy and girl craft templates are included to use as paper toppers.  This board is one of my favorites!


2.   January NO Prep Journal Writing Prompts!

Simply print these January journals and go, and you have an ENTIRE MONTH of writing lessons at your fingertips!  These monthly writing journals have been an absolute life-saver for me.  No matter how busy we get, we always write everyday thanks to having these on hand.  Two formats are included to use as journals or as individual worksheets at your writing center.  For instance, I use half of the prompts and combine them into journals.  I will use the other half as individual worksheets at my Writing Center.  They are also great to have on hand for a sub!  This winter resource is sold separately or as part of a writing bundle for the entire year.
Winter Resources for After the Break January Journals


3.  Snow Globe Winter Resource

Another one of my favorite winter resources is this Snow Globe craftivity!  Simply print the writing and craft templates onto card stock, and let the students do the rest.  No tracing or black construction paper needed!  I like to place my students’ photos inside the globe, or you may have them draw themselves.  Finish with a touch of acrylic glitter glaze for an extra touch.


Bonus Bulletin Board Lettering is included as shown in photo above!


4. Writing and Math Winter Resources

This Snow Much Fun Writing and Math Bundle includes differentiated monthly resources with a winter theme.  In addition to using these pages for math or writing workshop, they are also perfect for centers or morning work.  The possibilities are endless with these no-prep pages that the students can complete independently!
Winter Resources for After the Break


5. Celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Celebrate MLK Day with this AWESOME Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Bulletin Board Bundle.  This craft turns out amazing.  Choose from a variety of writing templates for the craft.  Extra writing templates are included for use throughout the week or during Black History Month!
Visit my store for an MLK FREE Bulletin Board Header Letter Set as seen in the above photo!


6. Snowmen Hat Number Mats

These Snowmen Hat Number Mats are perfect for an instant Winter Math Center!  Print and laminate for use year after year.  The mats are perfect for number writing practice as well as 1:1 correspondence practice using ten frames!  For extra fine motor practice, I like to have my students roll small play-dough balls to show the number in the ten frame.
Number Writing Winter Resources



7. Super Bowl Opinion Writing

Are you ready for some football writing?  The Super Bowl will be here before we know it.  It’s a perfect time to introduce opinion or persuasive writing with these customized football writing templates differentiated for writers in kindergarten through 4th grade.  Choose from 12 templates, and create a Super “Bowl-etin Board!”
Winter Resources for After the Break Super Bowl Writing



8.  Snowmen at Night

I love the Snowmen at Night and Snowmen All Year books.  Use these customized Snowman Hat writing templates and craft templates to create the cutest winter wonderland in your classroom or hallway!  BONUS bulletin board lettering is included!

Snowmen at Night Winter Resources


9.  Marshmallow Math

I created this Marshmallow Math Bulletin Board Bundle last winter, and my kids absolutely LOVED it.  I had my students choose doubles facts using two different colors of Jet-puffed Mini Marshmallows.  This activity was great practice for number formation, addition, writing number sentences, and cutting with those fine-motor skills!  Marshmallow lettering is included as well as all craft templates shown.  This one is a must-have for kindergarten or first grade!
Marshmallow Math Winter Resources


10.  Report Writing Winter Resources

Lastly, I recommend integrating report writing into the winter theme.  In January, we complete two research report studies on polar bears and penguins.  Both of my research report units include the research, graphic organizers, and report writing templates.  My kids get so into non-fiction resources as we study about these animals, and they have a great report keepsake to take home at the end of the month!
Polar Bear Penguins Winter Resources


Above all, I hope that I have given you some ideas to eliminate the post-break planning stress this winter.  May 2020 be your best teaching year yet!