Kindergarten Writing Journals

March Kindergarten Writing Journals

It’s almost March.  This school year has been exhausting, but spring means the end is in sight!   One of the things that has helped me get through this chaotic school year has been using my NO PREP journals every month.  In this blog post, I will tell you a little more about my March Kindergarten Writing Journals and how they can help you survive the rest of this school year!

Kindergarten Writing Journals March

Writing lessons for the entire month

My monthly journals include enough pages for the entire month.  The prompts are available in two formats.  You can either use the journal prompts as individual pages, or staple into a packet to use as a journal.  I actually do both.  I choose 15 of the prompts to staple into a journal, and the remaining prompts I use at my Writing Center.  Some I leave in my Sub Tub in case of an emergency absence.

Write Every Single Day

One thing I love about the journals is that no matter how busy we get, I always make sure that my students write every single day in kindergarten!  The journals also show the progression of my emerging writers, and they make a nice keepsake for parents to see the growth each month!

The Writing Checklist

My clients love the Writing Checklist featured on the bottom of my writing paper.  This has kept my young writers accountable and on track!  They have learned to use this checklist to self-assess their writing and make edits or revisions as necessary.

Journal Prompts for the ENTIRE YEAR

You can purchase my March Kindergarten Writing Journals separately or as part of a Yearly Writing Journal Bundle!  Learn more about this TPT Featured Journal Bundle HERE!

Kindergarten Writing Journals