Nineteen.  That’s exactly how many days of school we have left, but who’s counting?!  Me!  That’s who – I am totally counting!  The past few school years have not been easy but the end is in sight, my teacher friends.  With that in mind, here are three simple end of the year countdown ideas for kindergarten.

Create a Paper Chain Link

end of year countdown

Last school year, I reused borders from a bulletin board to create a paper chain link.  Each day, our Helper of the Day ripped off one link.  This year, I am doing the same thing but with a little twist.  The kids and I came up with ideas to write on each strip such as “dance party” or “read outside.”  When the helper rips off the link, we read the fun activity and incorporate it into the day when it’s time for a brain break.  The kids get so into this, and it’s fun seeing the chain get shorter and shorter!

End of the Year Balloon Pop

Similar to the chain link idea, you can stuff balloons with fun ideas to create an End of the Year Countdown bulletin board.  Pop one balloon a day until the last day of school.  Teacher tip:  If you have students who are sensitive to sounds, it may be best to go with the chain link instead.  You know what works best for your students!

End of Year Countdown

The ABC Countdown to First Grade

I have seen this idea all over social media lately.  You can find ABC Countdown resources on Teachers Pay Teachers or make your own!  Begin this countdown when you have 26 days to go.  You could go A to Z or Z to A.  Each letter of the alphabet has a corresponding activity that begins with the letter.  For example, Z Day could ZAP day.  (ZAP is a reading game we play often in Kindergarten to work on fluency).  J could be Jack Hartman Day.  Anything goes!  Add your own class favorites to make the last 26 days fun and engaging!

End of the Year countdown ideas

I hope that this post has given you some inspiration to make your last days memorable ones for you and your students!  What are you doing to celebrate your final days?  Let me know in the comments!

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