Meet the Teacher Night is coming soon for many teachers, and you might be thinking of what to put on your bulletin boards.  If you’re looking for a printable Welcome to Kindergarten banner or sign, you’ve come to the right place.  In this post, I’ll share some of my favorite welcome displays that make an instant colorful back to school bulletin board.  

1.  Printable Kindergarten Rainbow Banner

Printable Kindergarten Rainbow Banner

I created this rainbow Kindergarten banner to display in my hallway.  It’s the first things students and families see when they walk down the hall to our classroom.  This banner comes in the colors shown only and spells the word “KINDERGARTEN.”  Simply print in color, snip off the bottom triangle to create a pennant style, laminate, and display!

2.  Neon Welcome to Kindergarten Pennant Style Banner

Printable Welcome to Kindergarten Sign

Next up is this Neon Welcome to Kindergarten Printable Banner.  I absolutely love the colors in this sign.  To create this display, I staggered the words “Welcome to.”  Then, I hole-punched the top corners in the letters in “Kindergarten” and laced ribbon through the word.  It turned out amazing!

3.  Rainbow Welcome to Kindergarten Pennant Style Banner

Rainbow Welcome to Kindergarten Sign

This Rainbow Welcome to Kindergarten pennant style banner features white letters and rainbow colors.  It is another print-and-go banner option to greet your new students.

4.  Kindergarten Rainbow Letters

I created this custom Kindergarten Rainbow Lettering this past school year, and it has been one of our best-selling resources this summer!  Please note this is for the lettering only.  The notepads are sold separately.  You can get all the details and links about this Welcome to Kindergarten Sign HERE!

Welcome Back Signs for All Grades

Rainbow Classroom Welcome Signs

Due to popular request, I have created Welcome Back Signs for all grade levels.  CLICK HERE to learn more about these additional options


I wish you the best of luck as you begin a new school year!