Writing Resources

  • 7 Secrets for Teaching Writing in Kindergarten

    7 Secrets for Teaching Writing in Kindergarten When I started in kindergarten back in 2006, teaching writing was by far the most challenging part for me.  There wasn’t a manual or many resources available.  I didn’t have a specific curriculum that mapped everything out.  This led me to do extensive research on best practices for […]

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  • Kindergarten Distance Learning

    Distance Learning for Kindergarten Writing

    Distance Learning for Kindergarten Are you a teacher looking to prep writing packets for remote or distance learning for Kindergarten?  Maybe you are the parent of a kindergarten student, and you are looking for quality writing resources for your child.  The unprecedented situation of schools closing due to the Coronavirus has both parents and teachers […]

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  • Creating a Portable Word Wall in Kindergarten

    Kindergarten Portable Word Wall

    Create a Portable Word Wall that’s Perfect for Kindergarten If you are on Pinterest these days, you most likely have come across ideas for portable word walls.  I started using one last year with  alphabetized words, and I really loved the idea of it.  The kids enjoyed using it, and it got them excited about […]

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  • Journal Bundle for the Year

    Journal Writing Prompts Bundle for the Year

    NO PREP Kindergarten and First Grade Journal Writing Prompts for the ENTIRE YEAR!   I used to spend so much time searching for and prepping developmentally appropriate writing activities.  This journal bundle was designed with the goal of having all of my writing for the school year in one place.  I poured my heart and soul […]

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  • Writing Center Bundle to Supplement Fundations

    Creating Writing Centers in Kindergarten & 1st Grade!

    FUN with Writing Centers in Kindergarten & 1st Grade! If you are looking for NO PREP Writing Center activities and printable paper, look no further!  This FUN with Writing Bundle can be used as a supplement to the Wilson Fundations Curriculum or any ELA curriculum.  It includes activity pages that can be used year long […]

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  • Writing Class Books

    Creating Your First Class Book in Kindergarten

    Create your first Kindergarten Class Book! Read more about how I use this Friends From A to Z class book in my kindergarten classroom.  This is one of our first writing activities at the beginning of the year, and it’s a fun one! Having the kids create class books for our classroom library is one […]

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