Bear Hunt Scavenger Hunt

We’re going on a bear hunt on the first day of school.  You should, too!  Turn the traditional school tour into a fun and interactive scavenger hunt that is guaranteed to make your first day one to remember!  


School Scavenger Hunt

Creating a memorable first day of kindergarten…

The Kindergarten Bear Hunt has become a first day of school tradition for my new students!  First, we do a get to know each other activity.  Next, I tell my students that the teddy bears that I usually keep in the room have gone missing and it’s our job to find them!  Then, we circle up and sing the song “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” and act it out with motions.  You can find this song on You Tube.   

I show them the first clue that mysteriously was left on my chair.  I read it to them, and they have to work together to figure out where we should head next. 

We line up and begin our scavenger hunt around the school.  Each clue is attached to a teddy bear with a lanyard.  The catchy rhyming clues lead them to the next stop with the final stop being the playground!

This activity helps to acquaint your kids with the building layout as they meet familiar faces they will see throughout the year!

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Package

This EDITABLE lesson plan comes with all you need to create a memorable 1st Day / 1st Week of Kindergarten, Pre-K, or any primary grade!

Clues come in FULL PAGE or HALF PAGE sizes. Choose which clues you want to include in your hunt. Use all clues or only 5 or 6! 

Arrange in the order you like! Add any clues you wish using the editable templates included in the zip file.  Laminate to use Year after Year!

Students listen to clues and find bears along the way that lead the lead them to the teachers of Spanish, Art, Gym, Music, Library as well as the Nurse’s Office, Main Office, Principal, Reading Specialist, Math Support, & Guidance Counselor (whichever you choose to include)!

Also included: Blank Templates to Create Your Own Clues, Teacher Tips Page, Letter to Participating Staff Members, and a student coloring page!

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You may also purchase this resource in my Kindergarten Korner Shop Site.

Virtual Bear Hunt Option

The original file has been updated to include a VIRTUAL BEAR HUNT version!  This is the perfect way for your students to meet familiar faces they will work with if you are teaching online. The virtual format has been designed for remote learning, distance learning, or cyber learning teachers. 

It allows you to present the screen to show the kids the clues as you read them. Each clue describes a teacher.  After the kids guess who it may be, that teacher may pop in to say hello during your Google Meet or Zoom Meeting.  You can also add an editable slide to show the kids a picture of that teacher. This is great for your first Morning Meeting or for building a sense of community activities!  CLICK HERE to watch the video preview!

If you like the format of the virtual clues, you can certainly print this version and use for the in-person scavenger hunt!

Prepping for your Bear Hunt

I purchased two sets of these adorable TEDDY BEARS for my hunt and attached my laminated clues with these COLORFUL LANYARDS.   You can always round up any bears you have at home from your own children.  Some yarn works for the clues, too!  


This is sure to make for a memorable first day. ENJOY!  I hope you have as much fun with this as we do.  If you do this in your classroom, I would love to hear from you!  

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