Disguise a Turkey | Thanksgiving Bulletin Board & Family Project



Create the perfect Thanksgiving Bulletin Board with this Turkeys in Disguise / Disguise a Turkey Family Homework Project

This TURKEYS in DISGUISE resource has everything you need to create the perfect Thanksgiving Bulletin Board!

11/2022 My Disguise a Turkey Resource has just received a major update! If you own this resource, simply download it again to receive the updates.

This resource now includes all the following:

•A Parent Letter, which includes a poem I created explaining the directions

•Three turkey body templates to choose from

•Bulletin Board Header Letters “Turkeys in Disguise!” (Black and White) in font shown above – print onto colored card stock.

Newly Added Updates:

•New Colored Bulletin Board Letters

•An Election Day Voting Lesson: Now you get two lessons in one! Vote on the best disguised turkey using the included voting box, voting ballots, I Voted stickers, and the award for the Best Turkey Disguise

•Turkey in Disguise Writing Templates – Choose from 6 writing templates. Complete this part at school. Have students write a sentence about how they disguised their turkey. You may display the writing with their finished craft.

Simply print the letter and the turkey template of your choice onto card stock and send it home. The best part of assigning Family Homework is that the students do the work at home, and you have an instant bulletin board!

If you have some students unable to complete this with their grownups, you can do it with them during morning work one day so that no student is left out!

I would love to see your display in action. Please tag me @kindergartenkornerbycasey on Instagram. Thank you!

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